What is Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff?

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a webcomic that's associated with Homestuck. However, SBAHJ itself predates Homestuck by a month! It was first created in March 2009 on the Penny Arcade Forums. After it's creation, it was then used in Homestuck for occasional gags between the four main kids (and later the other four kids). It's made by Dave Strider in the comic, though it's actual author is obviously Andrew Hussie.

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Original Comics

SBAHJ has three different versions- and this section refers to the original ones. Y'know, the stairs one. That shit.

Majority of people have only read these comics. It makes sense- once you get introduced to it in Homestuck, of course you're gonna read it! And you should. I think it's pretty important to read, honestly. It's just a very important part of Homestuck.

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Read it here!


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Paradox Space is a set of short Homestuck comics. Are these canon to Homestuck? I don't knose, and me don't cares. All that matters here is that it has some SBAHJ comics. (Well okay, it also has other great ones too that aren't SBAHJ. I'm just very fucking biased.)

My personal favorite is the Ponie one! Sweet Bro might be a brony... Which is fitting, considering his name. I also like how they are drawn here. They look super fucked up.

Read it here!