The webmaster.
Birthday March 8th
Pronouns He/him, Thon/thonself, Whim/whiz
Gender Agender
Other Info Lesbian, Autistic

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about me!!!

hi!!!! my name is hay, and u can also call me zero. i LOVE cats, clowns, art, editing, and analyzing media i enjoy. i'd love to be a storyboard artist someday! im not the best at coding but im trying haha

my special interests are fnaf, sbahj, sweet hella quest, and mlp. i really REALLY enjoy satire media like sbahj and nyan neko sugar girls. especially when they can be taken seriously too. i know sbahj is my special interest, but i dont care that much about homestuck itself.

(i do love nepeta though shes an exception!!!!!!!!)

currently i'm working on THESE projects:

Amai Konekochan and Kawaii Rakuchan

AKAKR is a remake of Nyan Neko Sugar Girls in the SBAHJ style. It has some custom content, and is planned to have an original story following the final episode of the series.

Doin' Some Tests

Doin' Some Tests follows a guy named Rubert Applesauce as he does some tests, while also figuring out where he came from. Lots of fourth wall breaks.


A very meta dive into SBAHJ.

link to my site with this!!!